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90 Day Program for Electricians to Pass the Electrical Exam

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The Overview


Absolutely everything you need to master the NEC and get licensed in 3 months!

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Was $399 Now $199

Based on the successful training seminar conducted on the NEC, The Electrical Exam Master Guide cuts through complex topics to help students pass Journeyman or Master Electrician licensing exams. Using clear, easy-to-learn techniques, this guide takes users through the preparation process, summarizing key NEC topics along the way.


The vast majority of electricians who fail the NEC exam do so because they are not familiar enough with the NEC to find the answers to the exam questions in the time given for the test. Our special Key Word Technique (KWT) feature will quickly familiarize you with the NEC so that you can use it as a reference guide and carry it in to exams where allowed.


This new program will quickly assist you in mastering the “NEC” National Electric Code, so that you will ace your exam on the first try. Join the many who are obtaining their licenses and moving forward with their careers. You don’t have to sign up for 4 year programs or weekend crash courses, this is the complete guide.



The Overview


We’re so confident in our method and materials, that we will guarantee that they will help you pass the NEC Exam on your first try or we will give you your money back.

The Technique

The Electrical Exam Master Guide uses a variety of proven learning techniques to expedite your learning and retention. For example, our audio lessons provide a keyword tool that will rapidly increase your learning capabilities. As selected questions are read out loud the instructor will announce the keywords of the question and the answer allowing you to just listen if you are mobile or follow along if you are stationary. This is called the “emergence technique” and is the same kind of learning technique used by the US Army and Government.


The convenience of the audio system allows you to make productive use of your time while driving, walking or working out. As you consistently listen to the audio you will begin to familiarize yourself with the Key Word Technique in each question and memorize the answer.


It is scientifically proven that different people have different learning styles. Because The Electrical Exam Master Guide offers you a printed guide and audio it is easy to tailor to your unique learning style and practical to learn whether you are on the go or not.

The Flexibility

We offer multiple study options with our quizzes and textbooks and our audio CDs for on-the-go learning. The time you put in regardless of which method you choose brings you closer to your goal of mastering your Electrical Exam.


Research has shown that the reason many students have trouble with the exam is because some topics covered were from classes they took almost 18 months prior. This program is set up to teach you what you need to know within 3 months so that:


Many of us are familiar with electrical classes that go on from 2 to 4 years, or weekend crash courses that want you to cram everything in such a short period of time. If you do the math, going to school for 2 to 4 years, 1 to 2 days a week boils down to about 3 months of education. That’s exactly what we are offering with this program, 3 months of education that you can tailor around your schedule. Imagine what you can do with the time you save!

The Plan

We will give you a schedule to follow that will keep you on track with your 90-day goal. In combination with studying from our textbooks, audio, and the NEC, we will slash the learning curve and have your light bulb come on quickly (no pun intended).


Our training methods show some of the best results because we replaced the old method of 2 – 4 hours a week to about 2 – 4 hours a day. Here’s how to do it:


How could you not learn more quickly going from 2 – 4 hours per week to 10 – 20 hours per week?

Was $399 Now $199

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Book 1

Mastering the NEC

216 pages



Topics Covered:
Wiring and Protection
NEC General
Wiring Methods and Materials
Equipment for General Use
Special Occupancies
Special Equipment
Special Conditions
Communications Systems
Tables and Annex

Book 2

Electrical Calculation Guide 

93 pages



Topics Covered:
Ohms Law Calculations
Raceway and Box Calculations
Conductor Sizing Calculations
Motor Calculations
Three Phase Motor Calculations
Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Calculations
Solve For Exact K
Voltage-Drop Calculations
3 Phase Voltage Drop
Dwelling Unit Calculations
Appliances Calculations
Commercial Calculations
Standard and Optional Method Calculations

Book 3
Practice Exams

59 pages



3.5 Hour Practice Exam
4 Hour Practice Exam
6 Hour Practice Exam

Book 4

New Special Bonus Addition, 2011 NEC Code Changes & Crash Course

113 pages



Topics Covered:
Changes to the 2011 National Electrical Code
Wiring and Protection
Feeder Calculations, Outside Wiring and Services
Overcurrent Protection
Grounding and Bonding
Motors, Motor Circuits and Controllers
Transformer and Transformer Calculations
Dwelling Unit and Load Calculations
Answer Keys to All Sections


Also included…
Over 10 HOURS of Audio CDs featuring more than 800 Sample Questions and Answers!


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